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At Peacemaker we prefer a "kick the tires" mentality.  Since you can't do that over the internet, we built this page as the next best thing.  Take a look at some of the videos and you will see the quality craftsmanship that we have displayed and described on other pages.  There are quite a few bumpers displayed on this page, some have different attributes than others but the common thread remains the same, they are all heavy duty and capable of extreme protection.   The bottom line, we want you to see the quality you are investing in when you purchase a bumper from Peacemaker.  There are many reasons to buy a brush guard or bumper, there is one reason to buy from Peacemaker; we only offer heavy duty truck bumpers. 

On an almost daily basis we are asked what bumpers are capable of standing up to the stress pulling a 3/4 or 1 ton truck out of the mud.  We are constantly using our own trucks in the field so we decided to put together a simple video showing the strength of the Deluxe Front Replacement and TC Traditional Rear bumpers when on a real truck, in real conditions.  The video below shows the Peacemaker Truck putting the front and rear bumpers through their paces with a Warn 12k PowerPlant and an "old school" Warn M8000.  If you notice at the end we had to use a 200 hp John Deere to pull the truck out from the rear.  The tow strap was connected to the drop plate on the bumper as it was pulled out by the tractor.  The Warn M8000 with a pulley block (roughly 14-15,000 lbs of pulling force) was not even capable of doing this. 

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